Jake and Jamie Bartlett
Meet the Pair
Hello! We’re Jake & Jamie Bartlett, LA-based designers behind a pair of pears. Photo by Steph Villa Davis
We met on the first day of drawing class our freshman year of college. Our friendship grew through cafeteria dates, studying for typography tests, and late nights spent designing in the art building mac lab. We fell in love while studying in London through our university. The week after graduation, we got married and moved out to LA to start our adventure together. You can read the rest of our story as it unfolds here on our blog.
The blog first started as a way to keep our families updated on our lives; but it soon developed into a place for us to not only share our adventures but our inspiration, new work, and as often as possible cute pictures of our dalmatian pup Pixel. Who doesn’t love a cute puppy photo? We both enjoy chocolate chip pancakes, a good cup of coffee, artsy books, and tandem bikes. As creatives we dabble in lots of things. Painting, photography, cinema,
letterpress printing, you name it and we’ve probably tried it at some point. But our main love is graphic design (especially paper goods) and motion graphics.

We love what we do.
What's With All The Pears?
Plain and simple, our last name is Bartlett, and Bartlett pears are one of the most common types of pears grown in most countries around the world. If you buy canned pears at the grocery store, chances are they are probably labeled Bartlett Pears.
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